Launching AI Enhanced Renewable Energy Ventures


We Target Early Stage Ventures with Brilliant Teams & Lousy Business Models

We Reposition Failed Business Models and Redirect Ventures Toward Renewable Energy


We throw you a rope and a lifeboat

Let us guide you to hope & prosperity


  • Your Seed-Stage Investment is about to run out in 9 to 12 months….

  • Your Business Model doesn’t work…

  • You’re out of ideas and out of time…

  • Your Company is sinking…

  • Your BOD agrees: it’s time to quit, fire everybody and return the remaining capital to investors….

  • Even Worse: It happens to 9 out of 10 startups!

 What have you got to lose?


We work with you to:

  • Introduce alternative business models linked to Technology, Finance & Renewable Energy markets

  • Bring fresh perspective to struggling ventures and show how to generate multiple revenue streams

Internet of Energy (IoE) is a good example of Disruptive Innovation

  • The electric grids are facing the largest energy sector transformation in 100 years - take a note!

  • New AI Business Models are needed every day!

 We can help!