CleantechAI™ Project Financing

We Facilitated Project Financing of Over $1B - All Over the World!

  • All the top athletes are busy competing - and use sports agents
  • All the successful movie stars are busy performing - and use movie agents
  • All the accomplished writers are busy writing - and use literary agents

We are the Cleantech Agents to our startups...

Our Startups’ Attributes

  • The Monkees were the most successfully engineered rock band in history
  • We call our innovative startups The Cleantech Monkees™ - as they are uniquely engineered to offer innovative CleantechAI™ solutions

Challenges & Opportunities Ahead


  • Imitation works best in karaoke bars, not in business
  • To escape the competition, Cleantech businesses need to constantly reinvent
  • Our startups “unlock” Radical Innovation and deliver cutting-edge KEE (Knowledge, Experience, and Expertise) to do so


  • For each startup, we assemble an outstanding A-team of trail-blazing professionals
  • Experienced with all the aspects of Renewable Energy Project Financing, Business, and Artificial Intelligence