AI Enhanced Project Financing

We Facilitated Project Financing of Over $1B - All Over the World!

Project Attributes


Debt: Offering industry leading recourse & non-recourse long-term debt solutions

Equity: Tax Equity & Cash Equity

Size: Utility-scale & Distributed Generation (DG) portfolios

Location: North & South America, Europe & Asia

Stage: Pre and post-Commercial Operation Date (COD) projects (fully permitted)


Acquisition Attributes

We identify attractive AI projects in finance, technology & renewable energy

We analyze, refine, present and anonymously negotiate purchase and sale agreements

We protect from a possible greed of the acquired party

We avoid immediate price-premiums attributed to the size of your company

We prevent possible collusion and conspiracy

Challenges & Opportunities

Talk to Us - Before Your Dreams of Wealth Turn into Nightmares of Poverty



Lenders need BANKABILITY prior to offering debt

Takeout party bankability, EPC bankability & O&M bankability - an issue

New projects are delayed, sold at a discount, or placed in receivership

Existing projects are not refinanced

Funds can’t be redirected toward new opportunities

Opportunities - we can help with:


Developing bankable financing and construction solutions

Mitigating risks through performance guarantees and third-party warranties

Arranging for bankable Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning (EPC) services

Arranging for bankable Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services

Arranging for bankable takeout group at post-COD