Cleantech Moonshots Factory

In the past, we helped thousands of Cleantech companies to succeed...

As a holding company, we now design & deploy... our own startups

We launch organically grown moonshots but instead of flying the rich to the moon, we bring the moonshots down to earth...


Our innovative strategies allow us to introduce SmartAB™ Entrepreneurial Wisdom A ground-braking Advisory Board service offered as a low-cost monthly SUBSCRIPTION


And all the progressive and open-minded VCs, PEs, and their portfolio companies - can now turn our subscription costs into… profits

  • In addition, we convert Business Development COSTS into PROFITS, too
    • Many CEOs are genuinely eager to fight Climate Change
    • Yet a large-scale commitment may be prohibitively expensive
    • We launch moonshot solutions that are more profitable & cost-effective than any DIY option…
  • We are committed to move the Climate Change needle from RED to GREEN so hard - it will break the scale... 
  • And our 30+ years of CleantechAI™ expertise helps startups optimize their marketing and sales processes

Our moonshots are bound to generate massive revenues using predictable growth engines. And If the novel offering can’t be replicated at a very large scale – it doesn’t make the cut


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